Thursday, September 23, 2010

Friends Are Sent From Above

hi guys...sun nak cite pasal kawan2 sun ari ni..

now, sun rasa bersyukur sangat2..sebab i was granted by Allah with some people yang memang kawan2 yang baik bagi sun, and some, are undeniably really2 the best friends anyone could possibly own...

Muhammad Amir "The Fixer" Hamzah,
now this guy is really2 a nice guy...loves anything about computers, both hardwares, and software, and more beyond than that..he can be really2 crazy and serious in the same time..still fighting to achieve his life's dreams, but i never seen him give up..he is a fighter inside..a damn courageous fighter..

Saifuddin "The Bully" Pauzi,
even i always got beat up by him, actually, if you spend some time knowing how he would be, you will find out that he is a generous guy (i'm not saying this because he lend me a few bucks back then)..he always sees his friends entirely and willing to lend some hand just to make his friends happy...he tends to be a backdrop character, being a person that acts behind the big scene, but his role is so big, he can silently conclude everything single handedly...

Iqhwan "The Mastermind" Zulfiqar,
his will to achieve his dream to own everything he always wanted in life is so great, he is willing to grab every single chance that flashes in front of his eyes, without thinking if it's burning hot or sharply thorny...he had a big mind of himself, but never drops his friends out from the picture..when ever he wants to fly high, he will drag his friends along, showing how not selfish he is...

Ken Watanabe,
even though some times this guy really2 irritates me with his supreme cocky-ness and casanova figure, he is a tough guy to beat..always seeks for an alternate route when ever he bump into a dead end, he is quite a good role model for me (even though he is my follower, instead)..

now, the most special friend out of all,
Asma "The Loco Beauty" Azhan,
she is my greatest friend of all time..being a counselor for problems, a critisizer for doubts, a joker for sorrowness, and a lousy aunty for laziness (i'm sure to be dead when she got back from Poland)..she is a well educated girl, matured woman, and a funky loco loco hippie alll packed in the same box...she always facinates me with her talent, generousity, capability and lots of magical things she done throughout 4 years knowing her...she is the perfect girl for a friend, and a very good daughter for a family...

they built me up so strong now..i willing to die for them...
guys (a a girl, that is), i love you so much~!
thanks a lot~!

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