Thursday, September 23, 2010

Farewell Thee - The Story

23rd September 2010

some will ask "what the heck?the title is so romantic??".. what?it's for a friend, though~!uhux3~!

Asma Azhan had went to Poland, continuing her study over, i had planned everything to get there since i know that date she is going...

Ken Watanabe and me had decided to go to KLIA all the way from our college, back and forth because at the next day's morning, we had a examination to attend...i drove my mom's car from Ipoh, 250km away from KLIA right after class and stop by my home at Gombak to had some rest before continuing to KLIA...

when i arrive, i met Saifuddin Pauzi and then Asma and her family arrived..after that, Muhammad Amir Hamzah also arrive..

asma settle up her boarding issues and settle down with us..we had a great time even though the time we had is so short...i will never forget those moments when we had our laughter and joyful happiness all in the same time..

i will miss her and our gang...i will miss them so much...and i will miss Asma more and more...
all the best for her and the rest of our you guys~!

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