Sunday, January 17, 2010

2nd week sem2 - critically homesick

its now second week of the semester 2~back at the banglo, the water supply n the the electric has been restored~THANK GOD~~!!

we hv been started the classes for bout a week already~since there's no orientation for the second sem, we proceed to the topics n push damn hard (like usual) to finish up the everlasting-long-like-the-everlasting-long-roads chapters bout medics, paramedics, emergencies, n medications~

it has been like i was really a paramedic already~~!!its sounds interesting n it is~!!but, there's a prob : the classes r too long n it takes a whole day long, even adds up with some night classes~~!!
8am till 5pm daily~~!!8pm till 10pm for tues, wednes n thursdays~~man~~!!it's like marathons of classes~~!!but well, assistant medical officer is juz a rank lower than the doctors, means dat we hav to hav skill, knowledge n attitude much more higher than other paramedic professionals~dats what i kept inside my mind so dat i wont get pissed off with such a harsh classes n trainings~~!!

while i am in the classes, i found dat i am in a deep dilemma : my body is in the classses, listening to the lectures, do my responsibilities as a student n a bureau of audio n visual, skill lab (where A.M.O trainees learn the practical hands bout medical procedures, etiques, skills n etc), n a commitee of the class n one of my clubs (skill lab club) ; but, my mind, my soul, my thoughts was in my home back in KL~it is still roaming throughout the city, still hanging out everywhere i lov to go, still take a ride on the monorel, ktm, lrt n buses~my gosy~~!!i miss my home~~!!how on earth can i possibly do stuff here in my college, giv full attention n focus if i cant get my soul back~~!!!

bout love, now im currently in a deep thoughts dat i really need to consider~~!!being single is really hard on me coz i apparently need someone dat i can share my probs, story out my daily activities, to chat with, to laugh with, n to pamper with~i really hope dat my heart would be strong to face wad ever the future stores for me~love aint giving me a chance to really taste the sweetness of it~i juz hopes da best for me~insyallah~~!!

now, i hav been reconnected to my mom~she is willing to giv financial support to me here in college~alhamdullilah, now i rarely hav to starve all day juz coz i dont hav a penny inside my wallet n my pocket~~~!!but, there's a prob too~~!!the LUST~~!!my lust for food is juz too great - means dat my money usage is flying high now~~!!gosy~~!!!how can i resist it~~!!here, i would like to advise n remind myself to learn how to control my expenses n finance, to save money for a harsh tomorrow n for my own stomach~~!!learn Sun~~!!u can do it~~~!!

1st week on sem2 - i ain't no caveman~~!!

now sun dh settle dgn pnempatn sun kat banglo tmpt sun tggl kat klej ni~
but ttb sun prasan sumthing is definitely wrong~~!!
there's no power source,and there's no water available~~!!sun bkn nk complain but tlg la~!im a human being n i need those things~~!!the college said dat we r within the hospital's compound n we hv no right to determine when it will be re-connected etc etc etc bla bla bla~~!!they were juz givin me bullshits~~!!
ktorg juz hv to mnd, use waters dat the maintainence department of the hospital to giv us water via water lorries~~!!we hv to grab every drop dat we can get to take a bath, n other stuff~~!!my god~~!!its harsh~~!!
sun jz nk bgtau sumthing~~!!im not a complainer but if u r in my shoes, then u'll know how damn hard it is to be a caveman like diz~~!!