Sunday, January 17, 2010

1st week on sem2 - i ain't no caveman~~!!

now sun dh settle dgn pnempatn sun kat banglo tmpt sun tggl kat klej ni~
but ttb sun prasan sumthing is definitely wrong~~!!
there's no power source,and there's no water available~~!!sun bkn nk complain but tlg la~!im a human being n i need those things~~!!the college said dat we r within the hospital's compound n we hv no right to determine when it will be re-connected etc etc etc bla bla bla~~!!they were juz givin me bullshits~~!!
ktorg juz hv to mnd, use waters dat the maintainence department of the hospital to giv us water via water lorries~~!!we hv to grab every drop dat we can get to take a bath, n other stuff~~!!my god~~!!its harsh~~!!
sun jz nk bgtau sumthing~~!!im not a complainer but if u r in my shoes, then u'll know how damn hard it is to be a caveman like diz~~!!

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