Wednesday, March 24, 2010

20 Mac 2010 - birthday eve

ari ni, an amazing thing epen to me - i meet my old buddies back from my early days in junior school - Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) Lee Rubber - Iqhwan Zulfiqar (Along) And Nurul Izzati Ab Hamid (Zati)

selepas 8 thun brpisah lps skolah rndah, we finally reunited through a good junior of mine - Aliff Asyraff yg add sun kat Facebook then dia add along n then add zati~i saw the notification n i knew dat im not mistaken dat it is them~i added them n im right~!

today, we met each other~
the day start with sun bgn awal (which is difficult for me to do it when its holiday)~
i met with Aisya dats a very close fren of mine~she bring along Baby (which is her car of course) n we went for a breakfast at Old Town Coffee Shop at Taman Melati~
then both of us started to contact along which had to go to Kuala Pilah to visit one of his relative dat fall ill suddenly~while awaiting him to return, we fetched Zati at her home in Gombak then we also fetch Zati's BFF - Bella~
then, we immediately rushes to Sunway Piramid since im gonna battle Along for a bowling match~when we got there, Along hasnt arrive so i go for a peek~there's an international tournament held in the same time, in the Sunway Mega Lane so we cant play there~

pastu, sun nmpk Along~Zati is so excited to see him~
i introduced Aisya to them n they seem frenly with each other~

then, after quite a discuss bout where should we head next, we finally decided to go to Selayang Mall n battle there~
on the way there, all of us started to get flash back bout our memories at the school~
yup~!we missed the moments so darn much~!being all grown up now, but, we seem cant erase those happy moments~!

we arrive at Selayang Mall, n i quickly check in a lane~
we prepare our self, while the girls went for lunch, we start to play~

and like i expected, Along is quite a match for me in Bowling~!
but, i beat him~i won 3 games n he wins 1~
i beat him by 40 pinfalls~
he swears dat the next time he'll get his revenge so i wanna stat here to Along - BRING IT ON~!

its such a short day for us~
we split up~
aisya went back home~n reminded me of the birthday gift she gave over weeks ago~
so early~huhu
along n bella went to take the LRT home~
me n zati hang out at my house for awhile before i sent her home~
she also gave me a gift for my birthday~
its such a very short day but happy in the moment~!
im glad i hav frens like them~!

i love all of you~!

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