Monday, December 7, 2009

1st week - Hospital Life Adventure~~!!

for the end of this sem, my fellow students have to go through a pre-clinical attachment that organised for us to get our first insight about medical line studies,functions,patients condition,working processes and enviroments,n all sort of stuff...
we got sent to the Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Ipoh, Perak..n lucky me, i got picked into the group, consist of 8 persons - me, Bro-K, Sangkaran, Pali, Radzi, Kharami, Azman, and lucky i am?that's easy..1st week attachment, we got sent to the 7A is a medical ward that treats patient that need medical attention, means they need drugs to be cured n heal their illness..we r introduced to the surrounding by a staff nurse, due to the sister in charge wasn't around..then, we spread through out the ward juz to have some insight bout methods of patient care, biohazard precautions, n all stuff..bout the lucky thins, we got most of our infos from student nurses that r so willingly help us n answer our questions bout the whole situation n medical terms, illness n methods of patient care..
they r very helpful to us, n very kind too..i think they r juz sweet..some of us got love struck,including my nerdy-not-very-talkative friend~so funny~but hey guys,ur too late coz they're taken~~!!haha~~!!
well,i have learned a lot of things here...too many...but the most eye-opening experience is, i can see in the patients eye how strong they we're juz to get themselves recovered from the illness n condition, juz to get themselves able to be healthy again, n even to live their live again...i saw a death there..they we're trying so darn hard to get the grandpa back,n i can see how the grandpa fight for his life even his in coma state, but, it's destined for him to go to the next world ahead...
this is a life's worth lesson for me..i won't ever forget it~~~!!
i got through the 1st week quite well~wonder how is it in the 2nd week- surgery ward is~~!!

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